Welcome to disquisition.org!

After an upgrade that turned out to be a downgrade, the site has returned to

its primeval form. It's still not interactive. I gave up on the idea of a builder.

I'm Devin Freeman, the founder of disquisition dot org, and

what you're looking at takes form from the html handiwork of Ezra Freeman.

The idea here is to bring some heads together for disquisition.

Ezra'll try to code a way for you too to contribute your thoughts.

Meantime, here's my 'lectric mailing address for early comers:

meltyrox@protonmail.com Send word. Join in. Disagreement and Inquisitiveness

are essential. Most any topic is welcome here, just so it's not trite.

This site is intended as an alternative to social media, an independent forum,

dedicated to Free Thought, Humour & Intelligent Disquisition!


The flowcharts below are my 2020 concept to kick things off.