What're they saying? Let L = F

by Devin Ray Freeman

What should you fear most? The government always has an answer to that, whether you ask or not, it's around the clock fear, though it may change from year to year.

You are to fear what there is no life without.


In this way you are not to be without fear as long as you live.

For a long year now what have you been expected to fear most?

Risk of disease. There is no life without risk of disease here on the land, though some may have thought themselves a breed apart from the land and above nature.

Prior to that what were you to fear most?

Carbon dioxide. There is no life without carbon dioxide here on the land, though some may have lost sight of the fact that we land animals would be out of luck without plants.

Why are you to live in fear?

Because that which stalks you does not want to be recognized, so it gets somebody to tell you to always be afraid of something else.

What stalks you?

The most pernicious of the globalist elitists. They want you and your kind dead so that they can have the land to themselves.

Like the mass murderer on death row who wrote, "I wish you all had one neck and that I had my hands on it," the globalist elitists are that kind of psycho.

What's next?

It'll be something that there's no life without. Perhaps direct sunlight, or risk of impure air. They'll agree on something and let us know.

If you get told to fear something that there's no life without, you can be sure, not only that it's a big fat lie, but also who's telling it and why.

written by Devin Ray Freeman, February 10th, 2021.