At The Climate Crisis Training Center

by Devin Ray Freeman

You know what it's about. Humans are causing global warming. You may have noticed that we've been keeping you current through the various media daily. You and I and all of us are responsible for this and something must be done. We're already half in the fire, so last year we bumped up to red alert for this call to action. We are now in climate crisis.

You may be wondering, how are we to think about this? How are we to act? You've been told how to think. In case you're still not perfectly clear on this, here's how. Follow this simple flowchart.

It's easy as one-two-three. This is your thinking process. Please note that it loops.

This is a matter of steadfast vigilance and dead serious. You have your instructions. In order to survive this climate catastrophe, we are all to remain in a state of panic until this crisis abates.

Now when you get to step two, what should you hurry up and do? I'm sure you‘re aware that it's because we burn such a lot of coal, diesel, high octane, and other fossil fuels. You don't have to sell your car and buy an electric one or a bicycle just yet. For that, you still have ten years. What you need to do is get others to panic too, especially your elected officials, immediately. If your elected officials do not panic, you need new ones. You need to get your government to cooperate with all the other governments so that the world's governments can speak with one voice and tell us all exactly what to do and not do to turn this thing around pronto, or, step three, face human extinction. This is the central issue. Everything is caused by it.

If you have any questions, just check with Greta Thunberg. Her words are easiest to remember and most succinct. If you get confused, just remember what Greta said. In short, she wants you to panic.

Greta said it so you don't have to. You needn't share the flowchart. For best results, just let people follow their instincts to panic.

So go band together with the like-minded, for humanity's sake, and do what needs to be done to save the planet.

But before you go, there's one thing you need to be aware of. There's another mode of thinking that's as common as cockroaches, and is under no circumstances to be tolerated. It goes like this.

Left to themselves, folks will tend to think that way. Do not allow it. If we let anybody think like that, we're toast. You know what people like that are called. Don't even hear a word from the likes of them.

That's it. You have your links, blacklists and so forth. Follow your popular sources for updates. You're ready. Now then, you go do the telling.

written March fifth, 2020, by Devin Freeman, published, finally, in memory of Denise Freeman