Take It to the Highest Court

by Devin Ray Freeman

Now that votes are created out of thin air, the time has come to take it to the highest court or else it's the end of our democracy, the end of our republic, the end of the land of the free.

The Biden/Harris campaign is by orders of magnitude the biggest vote fraud drive in the history of the U. S. of A. If this is allowed to pass, then we've reached the point of all that matters is who counts votes. If sworn in on this brazen grand theft election, what will be inaugurated in January will be a full-fledged above-the-law authoritarian regime. The executive branch will strangle the freedom of all law-abiding citizens and benefit only elite insiders and their preferred thugs.

What can any patriot do now but protest?

You cannot say they didn't warn you, though. Here it is from the horse's mouth.

by Devin Ray Freeman, 2020, the twenty first year of the century of new lows, November 6th