Here's the Deal

by Devin Ray Freeman

Is it any wonder that Joe Biden campaigned less than any presidential aspirant in living memory? His handlers are acutely aware that he's not only remarkably unimpressive and criminal, but senile. Naturally, if he opens his mouth, he's likely to do the cause of the globalist elite more harm than good. Of course, any vicious insular powermonger understands that a basement candidate is ideal for a rigged election. They were already preparing the way for the scam four years in advance, but still, to see the basement candidate to come out and admit, even boast, of as much, it was stunning to behold (see the video in my previous post). I thought nothing could top that, but I think Joe has.

Hey Joe! How's your Harris-Biden Administration supposed to work? What's the deal, Joe?

There you have it. Joe Here's-the-Deal Biden tells us that he'll feign illness to relieve himself of the duties of president.

written December seventh, 2020, by Devin Freeman